prob the first poem I wrote to help myself understand what was happening
by kaiden

In this game of simple twists of fate,
I found my-Self while I lost my soul
My-Self, my “I”, found the hole that let the rain in.
My lover, my dear, left under the glare of the morning sun.

I love the world and the people that reside
Yet I find that there are aching pains inside
From love yearning, grieving for the touch of them
Its crazy to find that all is just one,
Just to find that someone can still feel so far

My body feels constricted



picture by me

Part two of poems about my time I’ve spent reflecting on beaches in Southern California.

the sun, lightly kissed my skin

and the waves of light found its way within.

the rocks, the air, the ocean, all made so clear

vibrant, vivid, and sublime, the unraveling of all fear.

my lower body dissolved into the sand.

my mind in vertigo, like with contraband.

the sounds met one another in seeming disagreement,

as a witness I saw that they had to experience it.

a silence that spoke louder than any speaker,

the ocean, the mother, and the breath of the seeker.

a pervading void where the sounds occupy,

a place where I could find what is I.



A scene at the beach with the sky reflecting itself in the water

this is going to be the first poem of a series i’m writing called sitting on the beach, I think lol. The name will probably change later but oh well.

i can now see it’s all in front of me.

The sand, it’s kaleidoscopes speak to me,

saying that all the specks are in harmony.

The waves, moving like putty,

create a harmonious crash over the sound of nothing.

The body, left for dust in the sand, no longer a necessity.

The mind, just the cover of the endless sky within me

only serving as temporary housing.

The Self, being.



Kaiden Pemberton

Kaiden Pemberton

all you need is love<3 i'm an artist that's just sharing their interpretation of the world